198_78733793.jpg Yu-Chao Chang, Taiwan

    Before GMBA: Military service, 4.5 years experience as a software engineer and software development manager

    Why GMBA
    After working as a software engineer for several years, Yu-Chao wanted to reach into the external market and further develop the skills needed for doing client facing activities. Also, the joint GMBA program between National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) and the International Trade Institute (ITI) appealed to Yu-Chao as it provided two valuable perspectives: both academic education in the traditional college setting and practical experience from ITI. Furthermore, the GMBA program’s extensive and diverse alumni network was another valuable asset that led Yu-Chao to join the program. 

    Best Moment in The NCTU GMBA
    Yu-Chao’s best moments were found in the strong connections developed during the GMBA program. By taking joint NCTU-ITI courses, there were students from unique backgrounds with different perspectives, which all contributed positively to the classroom learning experience and the social dynamic. After graduation, the extensive network among classmates proved to be even more useful; in almost every country Yu-Chao visited, there was an old classmate he could recount memories with. 

     93_6f2d366f.jpg Anthea Liu, Taiwan

    Before GMBA: 4-year auditing experience in Taipei, Taiwan. During GMBA, 2-month internship in logistics & supply chain industry in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Why GMBA
    I always expected to become a global business manager. 
    I chose to work in a big 4 accounting firm after graduating from university because they had good resources and networking. I had the opportunity to work with people from different countries and went on business trips to different countries. However, after four years of intensive work in finance, I found out that I needed a broader perspective about the global situation and to gain international exposure. So, I jointly registered in the GMBA program at NCTU and a postgraduate program at the International Trade Institute (TAITRA) in 2012. 
    Thanks to the Global MBA program, I had my internship in South-east Asia and successfully work abroad as I planned after graduation.

    Best Moment in The NCTU GMBA
    I really miss all the moments we shared together in GMBA. The "Knowing Taiwan" event was the first event for all of us to hang out together as friends instead of classmates. However, the "Knowing the World" event  that we held for community service was the first event for us to deal with cultural differences and work together as a team.  I must say we did have conflicts and arguments sometimes, but it was always a good opportunity to know your friends and your future business partners. In short, there are so many precious memories in my two-year MBA life, and I do think that joining the Global MBA program was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.



     Daniel Ziak, Slovakia

    Before GMBA: 2 years in government agency as financial manager and few months in Deutsche Telecom as process expert.

    Why GMBA
    I came to Taiwan because I got scholarship. And I came to Hsinchu's NCTU because it was far the best of 3 universities I had applied for. Regarding why MBA.. already while I was studying my first master (finance) I felt that I'd like to study something more people (managerial) oriented. And also I felt that having MBA is very good brand, which is recognizable and accepted anywhere in the world. Since I plan on working outside of my home country, at least on beginning of my career.

    Best Moment in The NCTU GMBA
    The "thing" I enjoyed most was the international aspect of GMBA. I really love to get to know other cultures. Especially in casual situations outside of regular time during lectures. For example, dinners out, barbecues, and especially few trips we have made like "knowing the Taiwan." It was always a precious moment for me when I got to chat with someone coming from a very different background. That was a really enjoyable way of learning about people around the world. Especially from the people with which I found I have much in common. 

     YingChi Chou, Taiwan

    Before GMBA: 8 years in the HDD industry as an engineer and supervisor working for an HDD component supplier for WD and HGST, as well as other OEM products. Main reponsiblities included introducing products to mass production, and coordinating internal departments.

    Why GMBA
    During past 8 years serving in my current company, I get a lot of chances to take business trip to several countries and contact various colleagues and customers from China, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA and other Asian countries. Being an engineer who wanted to advance my career and position in my company, the knowledge and ability of management are requisite to achieve higher and wider goals. I couldn't be limited to do doing only my job well, but needed also to be able to lead a team in accomplishing our mission; eventually, to lead a factory or a company. 
    It's a good experience to work with others from different countries, so the NCTU GMBA program provides exactly such an environment to interact with students from all over the world with various cultural backgrounds. That's also important for becoming a global manager, to know, to understand, to co-work and to cooperate with those from different areas.
    Best Moment in The NCTU GMBA
    There were lots of activities, such as knowing Taiwan, knowing the world, a country visit, and other small activities, all of which I enjoyed a lot. The classmates are also nice. We became just like a big family.
    For the classes, I enjoyed most of them a lot, though some were quite a struggle. The lectures in NCTU and the experience working with foreign classmates also helped me when I went to be an exchange student in Switzerland. I have lots to share and can discuss with classmates from other countries during classes. Due to the GMBA lectures, I am not unfamiliar with the classes here and am actually ahead in many courses.

     Terry Williams, Canada

    Before GMBA: Several years in pharmaceutical finance after working in banking and sales.

    Why GMBA
    I started the program not knowing quite what to expect, and at first found the way courses were taught to be somewhat different than I had remembered when taking my BBA. However, once I learned to adapt to a more Eastern approach, I realized that I was learning more than I would have back home at a comparable program. My classmates were excited to be there and we spent many hours working not only on projects, but learning how to work together with different management styles imported from our countries of origin. It was a great learning experience and I'm a better manager for having completed an MBA with an international focus.
    Best Moment in The NCTU GMBA
    Besides singing at KTV, I'd say my favorite moment at NCTU was working together as a class to put together an 'Knowing  the World' event where we hosted high school students for a day of international activities - it was great to see everyone having fun while managing the event as a team.


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