Students need to complete the following graduation requirements:

Credit total: minimum 50 credit hours

  • Required Courses: 32 credits
    • Fundamental courses: 15 credits
    • Core courses: 15 credits
    • MBA thesis: 2 credits
  • Electives: 18 credits(*specialization certificate)

Non-Credit Requirements

  • Internship Certificate (details are found in the Student Handbook)
  • Master Thesis
  • Chinese Requirement for international students (non-Taiwanese and non-Chinese natives)

Course Details


  • Introduction to Business Management: Accounting
  • Introduction to Business Management: Statistics
  • Introduction to Business Management: Economics

Fundamental courses

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Global Business Management and Strategy

Core courses

  • Data Science and Decision Support
  • Global IP Management and Business Laws
  • Business Development for Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurship and Global Business Competition
  • Seminar on Emerging Technology


  • There are many courses available in the College of Management as well as outside the College of Management (maximum 6 credit hours from other departments may count toward degree requirements)
  • Interdepartmental electives include:
    • Semiconductor Manufacturing Management
    • Business Strategies and Performance Management
    • Seminar on Patent Law and Practice
    • System-on-chip (SoC) Marketing
    • Strategy Management
    • Creativity and Innovation Management
    • Entrepreneurship and New Product Development
    • Logistics Operation Planning Models
    • Revenue Management
    • Research Methodology

*A Global MBA (GMBA) director’s certificate will be awarded if students take three elective courses (9 credits, graduate level) and their application is approved by the Global MBA committee.

The available fields are: Strategy/ Human Resource Management/ Marketing/ Finance/ Supply Chain & Logistics Management/ Technology Management/ IP Management/ Data Science

Recommended courses for each specialization:

Specialization field Course names Credit Course ID Note


Strategic Management 3 IBM6157



different course ID means different faculties
Network Strategies: Method and Applications 3 IBM6176
Business Strategies and Performance Management 3 IBM6173
Enterprise Growth and M&A 3 MBA5022 Only counts once
Business Growth and M&A 3 IBM6206
Industry Competition Analysis and Strategy 3 MBA5021
Game theory and Strategy 3 IIM5380



Special Topics in Personnel Selection 3 IMS2351
Organizational Behavior Seminar: Occupational Health and Safety 3 IMS2352
Human Resource Management 3 IMS5600
Occupational Health 3 IMS2324
Other NCU HRM courses are sufficient to apply
Finance Future and Options 3 IOF5014
Financial Management 3 IOF5018
Financial Statement Analysis 3 IOF5023
Case Study in Finance 3 IOF5133
Numerical Methods in Finance 3 IOF5037
Financial Institutions and Markets 3 IOF5001
International financial management 3 IOF5025
Theory and practice in finance (1) 3 IOF5089
Financial Econometrics 3 IOF5019
Corporate Financial Accounting Research 3 IOF5135
Investment 3 IOF5031
Asset Pricing Theory 3 IOF5081
Financial Time Series Analysis 3 IOF5082
Private Equity and Venture Capital 3 10610QF-525400 NTHU course
Investment Banking 3 10810IMBA-500600 NTHU course
Real Estate Finance 3 10810QF 520800 NTHU course
Financial Econometrics 3 10810QF 500100 NTHU course
Empirical International Finance 3 10810QF 524600 NTHU course
Other NYCU IOF and NTHU QF graduate courses are sufficient to apply
*Marketing Marketing Management 3 IMS5544
Customer Behavior Theories and Practices 3 IBM6011
Marketing research Seminar 3 IMS2327
Integrated Marketing Communication 3 IBM6070
Customer Relationship Management 3 IBM6131
International Marketing 3 IMS5711
Retailing and Channel Distribution 3 IMS2346
SOC Marketing Management 3 IBM6086
Marketing Theory 3 IBM6045
Technology Marketing 3 IMS2322
Marketing Research 3 IMS5566
Integrated Marketing Communications 3 IMS2327
Supply Chain &



Transportation and Distribution Optimization 3 ITS5013
Maritime, Air and Intermodal Transportation Optimization 3 ITS5016
Logistics Operation Planning Models 3 ITS5012
Revenue Management 3 ITS5051
Semiconductor Manufacturing Management 3 IEM5225
Travel Demand Analysis 3 ITS5060
Aviation Industry Operations and Management 3 ITT5312
Intelligent Transportation Systems 3 ITS5304
Operations Research 3 IMS5548
Other NYCU TLM graduate courses are sufficient to apply


Technology Management 3 ITM5081
Technology Strategy and Innovation 3 ITM5131
Research in the Emergence of Emerging Technologies 3 ITM5186
Foresight of IOT Industries 3 ITM5188
Industry Analysis and Innovation 3 ITM5748
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Funding 3 ITM5151
Creativity and Innovation Management 3 ITM5161
Technology Innovation and Incubation 3 ITM5152
Entrepreneurship and New Product Development 3 ITM5158
Technology Service Management and Innovation 3 ITM5169
Managing Systems of Innovation 3 ITM5171
Innovation Policy and Entrepreneurship Practice 3 ITM5185
Technology, Emerging Industries, Innovation Policy & Management 3 ITM5187
Technological Innovation and Strategic Management of Intellectual Property 3 ITM5194
Development Strategy for Green Technology Industry 3 ITM5195
Case Study for Innovation Policy and Entrepreneurship 3 ITM5196
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology and Biomedical Industries 3 ITM5203
Innovation and Strategic Management of Intellectual Property 3 ITM5204
Artificial Intelligence and Its Application to High-Tech Business 3 ITM5212
Technology and Logic 3 ITM5213
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 ITM5217
Patent and Innovation Strategy 3 ITM5221
Other MOT courses are sufficient to apply


Patent Deployment, Licensing and Litigation 3 ITL5212
Advanced Intellectual Property Law 3 ITL5224
Seminar on Patent Law and Practice 3 ITL5613
US Patent Litigation Practice 3 ITL5546
Special Topics on Copyright and Trademark Laws 3 ITL5219
Other NYCU Law courses are sufficient to apply
*Data Science Big Data Analytics 3 ITT5113
Multivariate Analysis and Application 3 ITT5343
Data Science Methods 3 ITS5089
Stochastic Processes 3 IEM5569
Machine Learning and Business


3 IBM6194
Data Mining Research & Practice 3 IM5237
Data Science Methods 3 ITS5089
Artificial Intelligence 3 IOF5140
Network Strategies: Method and Applications 3 IBM6176

**For the fields of “Strategy,” “Marketing,” and “Data Science,” if the new course has a related name, such as “Marketing,” “Strategic,” “Big Data,”…etc, students should submit a syllabus of the course. The GMBA director will then make the final decision after reviewing the syllabus.

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