Tuition & Scholarships

For updated information, please visit Office of International Affairs.
The program requires a minimum of 50 credit hours for completion. The estimated cost to complete the program in two years is shown below.

Articulars Amount
Tuition Fees NT$250,000
Miscellaneous Fees NT$103,000
Books NT$40,000
Living Expenses NT$240,000
Other Expenses NT$60,000
TOTAL NT$693,000
(Approximately US$22,000)

(Award granted in NT$ only, approx. US$ amount provided only for reference)
*Tuition fees are computed based on NT$5,000 per credit. This is subject to change.

NCTU International Students Scholarships Regulations

NCTU International Student Scholarship
Taiwan Scholarship
Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents - NSNT Scholarships

For inquiry on new student admission and scholarship, please contact:
Division of International Admissions, Office of International Affairs
1001 University Road, Hsinchu 30010, Taiwan
Tel: +886-3-513-1254 / Fax: +886-3-513-1473